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Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021


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The company’s contemporary organizational structure combined with its plentiful portfolio as well as the fully trained human resources, consist a significant “weapon” to manage the constant increasing competition and also a very powerful comparative advantage, which contributes to the continuous enforcement of the company’s customers database.
The company’s primary goal is to maintain the best possible relationship between quality and price, which can be simply interpreted as to be able to sell products of high quality and standards at best prices.
Special policies such as disposal of group of products at appealing prices, aiming at the successful maintenance of stock supplies, and also the customer’s economic benefit, are part of the company’s philosophy and operate for the benefit of both sides.
The products which configure the portfolio of KARAVASSILOGLOU-KARAVCO withhold high standards and combine innovation, up to date technology, elegance, functionality, and impact design, which in overall express the mentality that defines the contemporary furniture manufacturing as well as that of furniture fittings and accessories.

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