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Monday, 27 Sep 2021


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Company KARAVASSILOGLOU- KARAVCO was established in 1970 in Thessaloniki by Mr. Ilias Karavassiloglou, having as main field furniture fittings and furniture machinery. By the passage of time and as a natural succession, the company’s management was granted to Mr. Neofitos Karavassiloglou, who, carrying on the tradition is constantly trying to expand even more the company’s activities – in new fields with solid bases – and of course its main goals as well.
In the beginning, the company’s head offices had been in the area of Botsari in Thessaloniki, where it served best the furniture manufacturers in the area. In 1984, following the company’s upward course and also the significant expansion of its turnover, the need of a new store in the same area emerged, in order to fulfill best the customer’s requirements from central and north Greece.
In 1995 company KARAVASSILOGLOU- KARAVCO moved forward to the construction of its own proprietary facilities of total area 4.000 m2 in the area of Kavalari -Lagadas, Thessaloniki, while recently another 4.000 m2 were added to the initial facilities in order to cover the updated requirements in terms of storage and showroom capacities.

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