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Sunday, 05 Dec 2021


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The commercial management software used by KARAVASSILOGLOU-KARAVCO provides the ability to maintain steadily a clear view of stock supplies related to all of its articles, while part of its policy applied is the direct, prompt and outstanding service of its clientele.
The clientele of company KARAVASSILOGLOU-KARAVCO consists mainly of furniture manufacturers -natives and foreigners-, wholesalers, architects, decorators, interior designers and finally the individuals who refer to one of the two stores of the company, while the professionals are being serviced strictly by the head offices/store in Kavalari Lagadas, in an area of 8.000 m2 storage capacity.
Moreover there exist twelve (12) proprietary trucks in order to execute successfully the orders within Thessaloniki area and further all over Greece.
Company KARAVASSILOGLOU-KARAVCO is also active in the area of Athens by means of a selective distribution, as the products are specialized and the company has invested in business relationships with stores / resellers who maintain significant technical knowledge related to the above mentioned products.
The company is constantly making efforts in order to expand its network all over Greece, and therefore preparing its next steps, being part of its direct, development goals.

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