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Thursday, 22 Aug 2019

SLIDER PUSH Soft Close 80%

Drawer Sliding Systems Friday, 05 November 2010 12:02

Concealed runner in partial extension
Push open system and front height adjust.
Load capacity:: kg. 20 (450 mm), partial extension
The Push open system on drawer front enable to realize drawers without handles
Thanks to the cycle track design no more lateral ripples which allow a better sliding of the runner.
These features are possible thanks to the special cycle truck realized with plastic materials.


                   -drawer with front 37mm
                   -internal drawer 40mm+front thickness

Drawer length: = nominal length –10mm

Additional Info

  • Name: SLIDER PUSH Soft Close 80%
  • Code:
    • 02.8221.00001 / L 300mm
    • 02.8221.00002 / L 350mm
    • 02.8221.00003 / L 400mm
    • 02.8221.00004 / L 450mm
    • 02.8221.00005 / L 500mm

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