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subota, 20 jul 2019

NEOLIFT lift up door mechanism

NEOLIFT petak, 27 jul 2012 09:45

Neolift, the new generation lift-up door device enables spaces to be more elegant

and ergonomic at the same time.

By means of the soft-closing specification, the door can be closed easily and quietly.

Due to its gradual opening specification, the door can be fixed at any angle.

Its dimensions take up minimum space, expanding storage capacities.

Available in grey and white colour options together with the alternative of lighting

via LED technology integrated system, provide multiple functional and aesthetical

perspectives for the cabinets.

Additional Info

  • Name: NEOLIFT
  • Code:
    • 02.8040.00201 / Lift-up door mechanism 35N WHITE with LED
    • 02.8040.00202 / Lift-up door mechanism 35N GREY with LED
    • 02.8040.00203 / Lift-up door mechanism 60N WHITE with LED
    • 02.8040.00204 / Lift-up door mechanism 60N GREY with LED

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